DA4YOU is project focusing on young adults with disabilities. It is facilitated by Funka, the University of East Anglia and Mediehuset København in collaboration with a number of organizations working with young adults with disabilities. With a focus on education and knowledge sharing, the project aims at providing young adults aged 18-30 with varying sensory, cognitive and physical abilities with opportunities to build skills to master digital media and contribute to the social dialogue across disability, geography and language. Thus, one of the main objectives of DA4YOU is to create customised training on digital accessibility for young adults, covering three main areas: legislation, digital accessibility and digital media production. The project also aims to bring together and make all educational materials freely available to individuals, associations, educational institutions and libraries, etc., on an open and shared public service platform. In this way, DA4YOU aims to contribute to meeting the need for digital accessibility training for young adults with varying abilities and disabilities across Europe, and to help them feel better equipped and more empowered to communicate with all audiences.