Video info spot – A digitally accessible Europe

The digitalization of society is providing increased opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in the political debate and making their voices heard.
At the EU-level, accessibility has been strengthened in recent years.

With the enforcement of the EU Web Accessibility Directive, people with disabilities will have the right to receive public sector content in an accessible format, but the inclusion does not stop there. In addition, disabled persons organizations will be involved in the selection of which services are to be prioritized for monitoring, which means people with disabilities are going to influence the development of the directive. Through the feedback mechanism, end users with disabilities have a practical tool for everyday empowerment when it comes to having a real impact on the level of accessibility of public sector’s websites, documents and apps.

In the DA4You project, the right to digital accessibility is the basis for participation. Legislation may seem boring and difficult, but recent legal improvements can change the opportunities for young people with disabilities to participate in the digital society.  Therefore, the project has as one of its main objectives to train young people with disabilities about their rights to information and online services.

To make sure the document is readable to the average reader, the document is referring to laws, regulations and standards by linking to the actual source of information instead of repeating it in the document.

The document describes the policy and legislation supporting the political democratic digital participation for people with disabilities at the EU-level as well as at national level in Denmark, Sweden and the UK.

We hope You will find it useful.

Download document: DA4YOU O5 – Political democratic participation