Together with key players in Sweden and IAAP Nordic, Funka examines the possibilities for a college level training with the aim of teaching persons with disabilities to become experts on accessibility

The aim of the project is to increase the level of accessibility on public sector bodies’ websites by training more experts in the field. And who would fit better for that role than people who themselves are challenged by lack of accessibility? The European Web Accessibility Directive requires that public agencies and municipalities offer a feedback mechanism from visitors to their websites. Well used, that service can provide valuable knowledge to the website owners and help to make the interfaces better for everyone.

“Demand for expertise in the accessibility area is steadily increasing, so there should be a labour market for many more,”

says Sara Kjellstrand, project coordinator at Funka. Individuals with personal experiences of inaccessibility have a unique knowledge that we want to take advantage of in this project.

Based on the body of knowledge that the member organization IAAP has developed for certification of professionals in accessibility, the project will produce a college level training program. In addition, the goal is to develop a technical solution for the feedback mechanism that is based on user needs.

The Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova has granted a pilot study, which is the first step in a program called Challenge-driven Innovation.

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