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Video info spot – DA4YOU Promospot – vision

The aim of the DA4You project is to give young people with a communication disability better opportunity to participate in the public discussion on accessibility in Europe. In the DA4YOU project, young people  will work with the UN Disability Convention and the EU Accessibility Directive in cooperation with other young people.

Skills to master digital media 

The recommendations in this intellectual output Skills to master digital media is based on the gathered experiences from courses developed for the target group, which is young adults with disabilities in Denmark who have problems with digital communication.

This intellectual output will consequently make the recommendations and guidelines for best practice developed during the project available for the benefit of young adults with disabilities all over Europe.

The young adults with disabilities who have taken part in the DA4YOU project have been participating in three courses on the following subjects:

  • One course on digital accessibility legislation 
  • One course on accessibility technology 
  • One course on accessibility in media production: Video Action Learning 

Consequently, the objective of this intellectual output is to provide a model for courses providing the target group with skills to master digital media, including guidelines that can provide teachers around Europe with teaching methodologies including the use of assistive Technologies based on commonly available consumer equipment such as smartphones.

DA4YOU O1 – Skills to master digital media – rapport

DA4YOU website – an introduction

DA4YOU website is a digital accessible and multilanguage dialogue platform that can support the active participation of young adults with communication handicap in a democratic debate about accessibility in Europe, across disability, geography, and language (English, Swedish and Danish). 

It is a digital non-formal education and democratic voluntary activity website for digital accessibility aims to gather informative materials on an open service platform. 

The DA4YOU portal is a digital platform for information, with the possibility of discussion and knowledge exchange about accessibility with live images, audio, graphics, and texts. It is a platform that shall increase awareness of accessibility.

At the DA4YOU portal it will be possible to get access to all for the project relevant information and access the audio-visual communication platform which is used for digital communication between project participants and others.

DA4YOU website aims to be an international meeting place for information and debate about accessibility, with its structure creates contact between the authorities and elected representatives to civil society citizens and NGOs in several languages. DA4YOU are the people’s participant democracy on an overall digital public service platform that is also receptive to Public Access.  

DA4YOU O2 – The website – rapport

Facebook Dialog

DA4YOU must involve young people with a communication disability so that they can act as experts on their own situation and participate in the political development of accessibility in Europe. 

Please feel free to join our Facebook group here:

Web accessibility – equal opportunities on the web – seminar

The seminar has an agenda with following topics:

  • How can the EU contribute to digital accessibility for all people with disabilities?
  • Perspectives on accessibility through empowerment.
  • Digital accessibility guide to use digital technologies for accessible learning.
  • Toolkit for digital accessibility.

Here you will find the link to the DA4YOU seminar: