Web accessibility – equal opportunities on the web.

The seminar has an agenda with following topics:

  • How can the EU contribute to digital accessibility for all people with disabilities?
  • Perspectives on accessibility through empowerment.
  • Digital accessibility guide to use digital technologies for accessible learning.
  • Toolkit for digital accessibility.

Here you will find the link to the DA4YOU seminar: https://mediehuset-kbh.dk/da4you-seminar-web-accessibility


The DA4YOU project will,

– give young people with disabilities the opportunity to use digital media for communication and knowledge sharing.
Civic participation can give private individuals a say in public decisions as part of the democratic decision-making.
It is in the interests of society that citizens in a democracy can have their opinions communicated
and engage in dialogue with other citizens and elected politicians.

In the DA4YOU project, young people will raise awareness of the UN Disability Convention
and the EU Accessibility Directive in cooperation with other young people.
The aim of the DA4You project is to give young people with a communication disability
better opportunity to participate in the public discussion on accessibility in Europe.

The aim is to ensure that young people are included in the democratic process and have an impact on their daily lives.
The target group is young people with disabilities aged 18-30 who have grown up in a digital era, also called digital natives,
which have a different media consumption than older generations with similar disabilities.
The target group includes visually impaired, hearing impaired and dyslectic individuals,
as well as individuals that due to cognitive conditions have challenges with digital communication.

DA4YOU will,

– ensure that young people are heard and that they actively contribute to formulating the objectives
and resources of the future in the field of disability.
– offer courses on web accessibility.
– create competences that can contribute to change and active participation in public debate.

DA4YOU must involve young people with a communication disability so that they can act as experts on their own situation
and participate in the political development of accessibility in Europe.

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