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A guy use the mobile phone for voice reconigtion

University of Illinois joins 5 technology industry leaders, incl. Microsoft and Google, in new Speech Accessibility Project Microsoft, Google, Amazon,….

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Ung person læser blindskrift

15 percent of the world’s population, meet some form of disability. In the area of health, many persons with disabilities….

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wheelchair user

Following Parliament’s recommendations, the European Commission adopted an ambitious post-2020 disability strategy. Discover its priorities. The European Parliament called for….

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Access services for Persons with Disabilities:  Program or Public Access service ensure all people, including persons with disabilities, are able….

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DA4You web accessibility seminar January 18th. 2021.

The DA4You seminar Web Accessibility – Equal Opportunities On the Web is now viewable as Video-on-Demand (VoD). Keynote speakers from Mediehuset, Funka and….

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Bulletin board with post-it saying "Make things happen"

Funka are in the middle of an exciting EU-funded research project aiming to get authoring tools to better support web authors to create….

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A happy boy and girl in front of a computer

The DA4You project has identified a need for more resources and tailored guidance on digital accessibility for educators. Therefore, this guide….

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Woman with headphones in front of her computer

In the DA4You project, the right to digital accessibility is the basis for participation. Legislation may seem boring and difficult, but….

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Desktop with a computer, speakers and other office supplies

The toolkit describes the different sectors needed for successful accessibility, assistive technology based on user needs and what kind of….

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