Video info spot – Toolkit for digital accessibility

Digital accessibility is often seen in a narrow perspective. In some contexts, the human rights and the legal enforcements are in focus, without discussing the technical standards and actual requirements. In other situations, the accessibility of interfaces is highlighted but the provision of assistive technology is forgotten. It is a complex area with many moving parts in a world of technology that evolves quickly.

In the DA4You project, the consortium has identified a need for a more holistic view of the ecosystem around digital accessibility. Even though the project is targeting young people with disabilities, this toolkit is aiming to describe the most important parts related to digital accessibility for all ages and abilities.

To make sure the toolkit remains useful after the project period, the document is referring to vendors for updated details and specifications, linking to the actual source of information instead of repeating it in the document. This way, the toolkit can hopefully be used as a source of information independent of the changes and updates in technology that will inevitably happen.

The document describes the different sectors needed for successful accessibility, assistive technology based on user needs and what kind of accessibility support users can find in social media and hardware.

We hope you will find it useful.

Download document: DA4YOU O3 – Toolkit for digital accessibility